We focus on your wellbeing and concentrate on promoting the body's natural self-healing process.


We understand your body displays different patterns and we adjust to your body type. We will listen and work with you without judgement. 


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I have had the great pleasure of working with Malike for awhile for my severe neck and upper back pain. I am grateful for his work.


He relieved my spasms and reduced my pain. He has the right touch!!!

I love Malike's massages and I unequivocally recommend being massaged by Malike.


Call him, you will be so happy and live a healthier life! 

I couldn’t recommend Malike more highly. He is such a welcoming person and a truly skilled massage therapist.


I have suffered from TMJ and resulting headaches for the past 15 years, and have tried working with several other therapists and professionals to address this pain.


Malike was the first person who was able to relieve the pain, tension, and even the clicking in my jaw. I leave each session feeling noticeably better than before, and have seen marked improvements in my headaches and tension over just the past few months I have been working with him.

- Melissa Kopp, DC

- Sarah Hemphill

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