Sport Pain Management

Sports Pain Management therapy at IOH is nothing like a regular sports massage. It uses a variety of massage techniques from several types of modalities such as Thai,Trigger Point Therapy, Isolated Stretches, Tui Na, Myofascial Release designed to help your body feel freer and stronger. It is particularly great for those with active lifestyles. This modality invigorates the body, enhances the endurance and stamina, increases flexibility and range of motion. It helps the muscles to recover faster and facilitate the repair of injured soft tissue.

The therapist will carefully assess your injuries or muscles discomfort. He/she may use a Posture Screen tools to determine which region of your is out of balance or will need a bit more focus. He/she may suggest a series of exercises in collaboration with the body  strengthening instructor or personal trainer to help balanced your body and to activate dormant muscles. 

When can you receive this session?

You can schedule this session whether before or after daily activities.

Before activities, this session can be done up to two days before the series of event, which can minimize the chance of injuries. The therapist will prepare the body to be ready for exertion. The session will focus on the muscles most actively engaged in perpetual movements. For example if you are a runner, the focus will be on your legs. If you are a boxer, it will be on your upper body and some times on legs as well whereas if you are a weight lifter , the focus might be on your back and arms. It is important for the muscle group involved in the upcoming activities  be in the proper metabolic state in preparation for the event.

After activities, the sport pain management can be done immediately or up to six hours. Different techniques may be used in this instance since the goal will be to return the body to its normal state rather than to activate it. The therapist will focus on restoring flexibility, muscle tone and reducing muscle tension and soreness. The session will provide a relief from muscles spasm, cramps and will reduce the immediate and long-term impact of injury to muscle tissue. It will increase oxygenated blood flow into and nutrients into damaged muscles for a faster reparation.

Sport Pain Management is consider by IOH to be an enhancer of body safety and enjoyment of activities when it is received with  consistency.

Who can receive this session?

Someone with repetitive actions in warehouse or factory, mail carrier, police officer, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, dancers, security agents, truck driver, etc.


$60/30 mins

$120/60 mins

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